Step 1 Register

Log In or Register

To create a page your first have to register. If you’re already registered just fill in your username and Password and Press Log In – you will then automatically be taken to your page to create your fundraising campaign.

NOT REGISTERED: Click on REGISTER just under the Log In button and you will be taken to the registration page. See example:

register help

Step 2 Create a Page

+ Campaign name: TIP: Have a name and the charity eg: Team Runners – Cancer Foundation
+ Goal: These are optional but goals are great too ie: $1000.00
+ Full description: Tell everyone about your Cause
+ Image: This will be displayed – you could put a logo in here (500px wide x 300px high is ideal)
+ Gallery Images: Add some training images – this can be updated when you like
+ Your Details (Team Captain): This is for our administration purposes and is not published on your page

Step 3 receive Email

You will receive an email from us with links to your Fundraising Campaign and Profile page. Just use the logins details you registered with to access them.

Step 4 Share

Start sharing – On your page at the bottom and on the left are social share buttons – just click and your fundraising campaign will be shared on that plaform.