Please note for the 2021 event THERE WILL BE NO ON THE DAY REGISTRATIONS – online registrations only and the event is capped at 500 runners.

Bib pickup will be at the IGA on Saturday 27th February or in the morning of the event.

2021 start times will be notified in your runners pack, that will be emailed out the week before the event. They will be in alignment with the current government COVID safe restrictions.

The event will run from 7am to 11am and there will be a 3 hour window to complete the 21km.


Covid 19 Restrictions

All changes and procedures that will take place at our event will follow a COVID-safe plan that will reflect the government requirements in place at the time in order to ensure we deliver a safe event.

Some of the planning underway may include:

All participants to be registered prior to the event online – there are no on the day registrations.

Distancing of 1 person per 4m2 and 1.5m apart will be adhered to at all times.This includes at bib pickup, toilet blocks, start lines and general standing areas.

Ground markings will be used to assist.

Staggered race starts will be in place to ensure waves can be set out with a number capacity and to ensure social distancing is followed.

Numbers will be capped at 500 based on the Victorian Government guidelines in place at the time of the event.

To avoid group gatherings, there will be separate pre and post event areas marked out for participants to stand in.

Participants will only be able to arrive at the event at a set time with staggered arrival times.

Additional cleaning will take place in hygiene areas, such as bathrooms and at drink stations.

Gloves will be used & hand sanitiser will be used at all stations. Volunteers/staff will be required to wear masks at all times.

All participants will be encouraged to bring their own water (bottle, hydration pack, flip-belt, etc) if possible.

We will be employing a low risk strategy to ensure participants can still get their hydration on the course.

To further minimise the need to gather in groups, all race briefings will be conducted online for participants to read or watch pre-event.

Finisher presentations will also be online.

Signage will be used around the event site as constant reminders to all involved to adhere to the COVID guidelines.

Hand sanitiser stations will be prominent and available for all staff, volunteers and participants to use.

What parking is available

To reduce impacts on the environment and local community we recommend that you carpool, walk or even ride to the event.

Should you need to drive to the event, there are 4 parking options available.
– There are two parking areas on Taroona Ave near the club rooms and kindergarten/tennis courts.
– There is a carpark on Everard Drive.

NOTE: The Taroona Avenue car parks will only be accessible prior to 7.30am and you may not be able to leave until 10.00am.

After 7.30am, parking is available at Stiggants Reserve.

Please note there is NO parking at Goldfields Plaza or the local church on Taroona Ave as this is reserved for patrons of these centres only. Parking at either of these locations is done so at your own risk.

Warrandyte is a safe community, however like any public parking place, it is recommended that valuables not be left in any vehicles.

Please click here to view the Parking Maps

What awards are there and are then participation medals

This year all participants will receive a 10 year medallion

Prizes will be awarded to participants based on the Event Distance and Age.

In 2021 we will be awarding prizes for the following age groups:

1st, 2nd and 3rd Male and Female – will be awarded a medal for each event in the following age groups

U12, 12-17 years, 18-29 years, 30-39 years, 40-49 years and 50+ years

Is there Public Transport to the event

No. The event is being held on Sunday and buses will not arrive in time for the start of the event.

Are there Toilets available?

Yes. There are toilets in the club rooms, next to the skate park and also at the Stiggants reserve carpark.

Are there Drinks Stations on the Course?

Yes. There will be one drink station on the course for runners doing the 10km, 15km and 21km distances. All runners will receive water at the finish line.

If you drink a lot of water while running you may want to consider bringing your own bottle.

Can I enter on the day?

NO. Due to Covid 19 restrictions there will be NO Registrations on the day.

Is there a cut off time?
Yes. Road closures will commence from 7.00am and the roads will reopen at 10.30am. You will need to have completed the course by 10.00am. If you haven’t completed the course you will need to make your own way back to the clubhouse on Taroona Ave. There will be a cut-off time of 8.50am to commence the last lap of the 2.2k, 5k and 10k courses and 9.10am for the last lap of the 15k course. There will also be a cut-off time of 9.00am and 9.10am for entry onto the Pound Bend Tank Track. If you have not commenced onto the Tank Track by 9.00am/9.10am you will be redirected along Pound Rd. This is why we cannot offer a 10k or 15k walking option.
Who does Run Warrandyte Raise Money For?

All of our teams are running and raising money for good causes.  If you are a netball player you will probably be raising money for the new court lighting at the netball courts.  Or you may choose to join the STOP One Punch Can Kill Team to help raise money to raise awareness of the dangers of violent behaviour.

Can I walk the 21km, 15km and 10km Run?

No. This is due to the cut-off times for the event.

Can I take a pram on the course?

The 2.2k course is very suited to prams and wheelchairs.  It is asphalt all the way. It is recommended that prams start at the back of the field and remain to the side of the course to allow others past.

Note that the 5km, 10km and 15km courses are unsuitable for prams.

Can I wear earphones?

No. Earphones are prohibited from this event for the safety of participants and all who are involved in Run Warrandyte.

Where can I warm up?

The Oval will be available for warm up activities and will provide plenty of space. As the river walk is popular for walkers and is a designated off-leash area for dogs, it is requested that this track is not used for warming up for the safety and enjoyment of all concerned. If you are approaching from this direction please walk along the river to ensure the safety of all visitors.

What happens in the event of extreme weather conditions?

The run will continue unless there is extreme weather conditions like (E.G. Extreme or Code Red fire danger days), fire, flooding or hail in which case the event will be cancelled. In the event of any other adverse conditions including lightning or high winds we will liaise directly with the relevant authorities and be guided by their advice. You should monitor the website if extreme weather conditions are predicted.

If the weather is hot you will need to ensure you take on plenty of fluids at the drink stations, wear appropriate attire (eg hat, sunscreen) and report immediately to any of the first aid officers should you feel unwell.

As there is a Ranger Station at the end of Pound Bend Rd, in the event of an emergency you will need to move immediately off the course or as directed by officials to allow vehicle access. The Ovals event may be cancelled if the ground becomes extremely water-logged.

What happens if I am unable to attend?

All entries into the Run Warrandyte Fun Run are non-refundable. In the event that a participant has an illness or injury and can provide a valid medical certificate which deems the individual unfit to participate in the event then this will be reviewed. Email: registrations@runwarrandyte.com. If a refund is provided there will be an administration fee of $5.00 for any cancellation received after payment has been made. Cancellations must be received by 4:00pm on Thursday prior to the event. There will be no refunds after 4:00pm on the Thursday prior to the event. All entries are not transferable.

Can I switch between distances?

Yes. If you would like to switch between distances you will need to notify us prior to 12:00pm on Thursday prior to the event. Requests to switch distances after this time will not be allowed.

When and Where are the Awards Presented?

The awards ceremony is held at the stage from the Village Green, which is located on the Netball Courts. Awards will be presented from 8.30am onwards.

Can I stay in Warrandyte and make a weekend out of it?

There are many Bed and Breakfast accommodation houses in Warrandyte. But we would highly recommend you stay at the Crystal Brook Tourist Park, one of our most loyal sponsors. Click here to find out more:  http://www.cbtp.com.au/

What else is available in Warrandyte after the event?

If you still feel energetic you can head back down Taroona Ave and through the carpark to the walking track along the river. This will take you to the many shops and cafes in Warrandyte. Another option is to visit some of the walking tracks at Pound Rd (off Pound Bend Rd) to see if you can spot any wildlife.

The Pottery Expo is on the same weekend and starts at 10am on Saturday and Sunday.

There is an IGA, Cafes, Newsagent and bakery just across the road at the Goldfields Plaza. I urge participants not to park in the Goldfields Plaza carpark for the event as this is for patrons of the Plaza only.

Consider pre-booking lunch at The Grand Hotel – 9844 3202 for a Grand lunch after the running in one of the events.