General Race Information

Participant Information

This event provides a number of ways to participate. You may choose to run (or walk!) the  2.2km, take on the 5km, 10km, 15km or 21km run course. There is something for everyone.

LOCATION (START/FINISH) – The Warrandyte sports facility, Taroona Ave, Warrandyte, 3113

DATE – Sunday 3rd March 2024

ENTRY OPTIONS – Under 18, Over 18, Concession 60+

COURSE – Scenic road and trail course taking in views of the Yarra River & Warrandyte State Park. (Full road closures in place)


START TIME – 7:30am for 21km and 15km, 7:45am for 10km, 8:00am for 5km, 8:15am for 2.2km and 9:15am for the Under 8 Kids. All 2024 start times will be notified in your runners pack, that will be emailed out the week before the event. Times are subject to change. They will be in alignment with the current government COVID safe restrictions.

AWARDS – Medals will be awarded based on your time. All participants will receive a participation medal.

While you are here in Warrandyte, why not make a day of it and grab a coffee in one of the local café’s, head to a bakery, visit some of the local shops at Goldfield’s Plaza – just across the road from Run Warrandyte’s finish line or venture along Yarra St for even more shopping! Perhaps pre-book lunch at the Grand Hotel (9844 3202).

If relaxing is on the agenda, you could have morning tea in a café or pop into the local IGA to get supplies for a picnic by the river, you could admire artwork in the local galleries, or take in some of the local history during a walk around town.

Information and Restrictions

This is a fun run to raise money for local sports groups and other charities and causes of your choosing. The distance events are not races”! Run Warrandyte is an opportunity to get out and about in Warrandyte for a run/walk. The events are suitable for all levels of ability and are open to all ages. The distance events will be timed by Alpine Timing so you can compare your times against team mates or even against your own personal best.

There will be a strict adherence to no headphones on the course for your safety and that of other participants.

There will be no dogs, bikes, scooters, skateboards or rollerblades, Segways or hover boards allowed on the course for the safety of other participants.

This is summer in Warrandyte and we live with national parks as our neighbour. In the event you witness animals within the park eg. Kangaroos or a snake or an incident, such as bushfire, please do not approach the animals or incident, however you must notify or have someone notify the next available marshal immediately. In the event of an injury you must also notify or have someone notify the next available marshal.

The course passes through some very sensitive and delicate bushland and whilst in these areas you are required to stay on the tracks at all times. Do not deviate off the pathways. Whilst on these short narrow sections run in single file. Allow faster runners to pass easily. If you intend to pull out to pass slower runners first check behind you. Do not cause an accident.

Participants need to follow the directions of all officials for the duration of the event. In the event of a Parks Victoria vehicle needing access you may be asked to stop, wait and allow the vehicle to cross the course. In the event of a vehicle requiring entry to the course, especially in the event of an emergency, participants must move directly off the road and wait until all vehicles have passed before re-entering the course. Trafficca Traffic Control have been engaged to manage the necessary road closures.

Road closures will commence from 7.00am and the roads will reopen at 11.00am. You will need to have completed the course by 10.00am. If you haven’t completed the course you will need to make your own way back to the clubhouse on Taroona Ave. There will be a cut-off time of 8.50am to commence the last lap of the 2.2k, 5k and 10k courses and 9.10am for the last lap of the 15k course. There will also be a cut-off time of 9.00am and 9.10am for entry onto the Pound Bend Tank Track. If you have not commenced onto the Tank Track by 9.00am/9.10am you will be redirected along Pound Rd.

Extreme Weather

Warrandyte is a great place to be but as a part of living in and visiting Warrandyte we need to be mindful of risks in the event of extreme weather. To ensure the safety of all competitors and residents, in the event of an Extreme / Code Red fire danger day, day of extreme weather or as advised by relevant authorities the event will be cancelled. There is more detail on the FAQ page about event cancellation.


Volunteers are an important part of any event. Without their help events like these would not be able to go ahead. If you feel that you are unable to participate in the event but would like to contribute by becoming a volunteer, please email us at


Spectators are also welcome at the Warrandyte Sports Club and there a lots of things to do a see before, during and after the event. Coffee and light breakfasts are available all morning.

Money Raised

All proceeds go to the local clubs to improve the facilities for its sporting members, guests and spectators. The clubs include the Warrandyte Junior Football Club, Warrandyte Football Club, Warrandyte Netball Club and Warrandyte Cricket Club.