When: Sun, March 3, 2019 from 6:00 am – 12:00 pm Where: Warrandyte Sports Group, Taroona Avenue, North Warrandyte, Victoria 3113 Contact: Belinda Martin Contact Email: bcreate@bigpond.net.au Contact Phone: (040) 923-3318 Open Volunteer Spots: Closed

Overview: Note that in 2018, for the first time we have engaged St.John’s Ambulance to attend for First Aid. They will be based at the Pound Bend Interchange and therefore, will be closest to the centre of the course.

In some ways your First Aid role will be different, and yet we still think that if you have First Aid Officers in the field and on a bike, your team may still be actively involved, depending on your capacity.

At this stage it is unclear as to what protocol should be used with regard to early response, seniority and first aid mobility but first aid is just that, and all normal first aid responses apply. However, it will pay to make contact with the St’John’s Volunteers as soon as they arrive and make yourself and your resources known.


Check supplies of the following

  • Vehicle/s with yellow flashing light/s, capable of carrying items below and taxiing volunteers and injured runners.
  • Rectangular tables – 10 required
  • Water vessels – 10 required
  • Water dippers – 5 required
  • Cups – 10000 required
  • Bins with liners – 5 required
  • Hand sanitizer – 5 required.
  • Water Station Ahead signs – 5 required.
  • First aid kit – 1-3 required
  • Ice/esky or portable ice packs – 2 locations.
  • Access to defibs – confirm at clubhouse.
  • Bicycle (if available).
  • All volunteers briefed – with Course Emergency Phone Number in phone (0407 840 892) Dial 000 for real emergency.
  • All Water and First Aid Volunteers must be registered as Volunteers via the web site to ensure they are covered by our event insurance.
  • A list of your volunteer team with phone numbers needs to be given to the voRunteer Coordinator first thing on Run day, before any volunteers go into the field (use attached form).
  • All voRunteers need to bring their blue voRunteer T-shirt on the day or collect one from the voRunteer Coordinator

Course familiarity – See Volunteer’s Course Map

On the day
Requirements – The team needs to be setup and vehicles off course (if possible) by 8am.

  • Always use yellow flashing light/s whilst on the course.
  • Remember that some runners will be extremely tired and they don’t always make sense or think clearly. In hot weather watch closely for heat-stroked runners. Encourage them to get extra water or take a short break. Stay out of their way unless you need to physically support them. Call for a Course Marshalls to assist if required. Course Marshalls have the last say if runners need retiring.
  • Call the VoRunteer Coordinator to arrange pick-ups for runners if required.
  • In case of injury; call the VoRunteer Coordinator (Erika – 0407 840 892) to arrange first aid or to tell them that a First Aider is being deployed. The VC will need to write an incident report. Report to the VC after the event if you think you can assist with the report.
  • In case of an emergency call 000. Then call the VC.
  • Minimum 2 setting up and taxiing volunteers.
  • Minimum 8 water volunteers
  • Minimum 3 First Aid volunteers (one on bicycle if possible).
  • Water vessels filled

Set up Water stations as follows:
Note – There are Drink Stations required at

  • On the side of the road outside the Uniting Church.
  • Near the basket Ball Courts, close to the water bubbler.
  • At the Pound Interchange for outgoing runners.
  • At the Pound Interchange for incoming runners.
  • Jan Day and Keith Walker will man the Turnaround Drink Station and will be fully kitted up. You don’t need man this station unless you have a spare person (preferably a First Aider)
  • At each station location, two water tables together in a row, in a position so that runners can run past without deviating or slowing down.
  • At Pound Intersection, this requires two tables for outbound and two tables for inbound runners.
  • Take volunteers to Stations.
  • Tables should be on road with volunteers behind tables for safety.
  • At least 5 metres of bollards and/or highly visible tape should protect the approach to the water station (bollards and tape supplied by Course Set-up Team).
  • “Water Station Ahead” signs located on edge of road 20 metres ahead of water station.
  • Bins with liners 20 metres past water stations.
  • Use hand sanitizer. Place cups on table and fill with water as required – use dippers and water vessels.

First Aid provision

  • First Aid Officers can provide their own kits or they can be supplied.
  • A minimum of one First Aid Officer is required at the first aid room under the Clubhouse.
  • No First Aid Officers are required at the double Waters station at the Pound Intersection.
  • It is ideal but optional that one First Aid Officer be mobile on a bicycle and/or located at the Turnaround Drink Station.
  • Note: It will be against protocol to have a cyclist travel against the flow of runners on single track sections of the course. This is from Marshalling position 15 to Marshalling position 17.

After the event:

  • Wait for the sweeper car and the bicycle sweeper to move onto the track – this should be at 9.15am, at which time Marshalls will stop runners from proceeding down Taroona Ave for additional laps.
  • Ensure full clean-up of water station residue, including cups and any rubbish left as a result of the event.
  • Stay behind sweep the car and runners, and pack up all equipment/volunteers progressively along the track.
  • Note: Caution is required at the Pound intersection. You will be able to clear the outward bound water station but you will need to wait for the sweeper bicycle to return on the Pound Bend Picnic Ground Road before clearing the Outward bound Water Station. You will have no infrastructure past the Pound Interchange, but as with previous years, do not drive on the Tank Track. Return via Everard Drive and Taroona Ave.
  • Clean up Village Water Station when appropriate.
  • Return equipment to its places of origin.
  • Meet at the Clubhouse for Coffees after the event. Free Coffees are available for volunteers wearing voRunteer T-shirts.

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