Training Plans to get you ready for WCB – Run Warrandyte

10K Run Training Schedule.

Mondays and Fridays: Mondays and Fridays are rest days. Rest is critical to your recovery and injury prevention. Your muscles build and repair themselves during your rest days.

Tuesdays and Thursdays: Run at a comfortable pace. Try and include some hills as there are some in Run Warrandyte. You should be able to speak and breathe easily. If your breathing gets out of control, you should slow your pace or take a walk break. If you feel good during the last km, pick up the pace a little so you’re running at your anticipated 10K race pace.

Wednesdays: Do a (CT) cross training activity (biking swimming, elliptical trainer) at easy to moderate effort for 30 to 40 minutes. Strength training is also very beneficial to get stronger and more injury-resistant. If you’re feeling very sluggish or sore, take a rest day.

Saturdays: This is an active recovery day. Your run should be at an easy, comfortable pace, which helps loosen up your muscles. Or, you can do a run/walk combination for the indicated amount of time or cross-train.

Sundays: This is your long run day. After you warm up, run at a comfortable pace. Be sure to wear the running gear/shoes you plan to run the 10k in.

run 10 km training


5k Run Training Schedule – for beginners

This six-week 5K training program is designed for beginner runners who want to build up to running a 5K Run. Each week, you’ll make small increases in your running distance while making slight decreases in your walking intervals. At the end of six weeks, you’ll be ready to run the 5K distance without a walking break.

You don’t have to do your runs on specific days; however, you should try not to run two days in a row. Either take a complete rest day or do cross training on the days in between runs. Cross-training can be cycling, yoga, swimming, or any other activity (other than running) that you enjoy. Strength-training two to three times a week is also very beneficial for runners, as well as being recommended for health in general.

Absolute Beginners: Start with run 1 minute, walk 1 minute and repeat six times making sure you do a 5 minute warm up and warm down either side of brisk walking. Build this up by adding another minute to the run each day (Day 2 is 2 min run and 1 min walk x 6. Day 3 3 min run, 1 min walk x 6) until you feel ready to do the Week One programme beginning with 5 min run, 1 min walk.

run training for 5km


Training for WCB Run Warrandyte 2019

Are you a Fitness Professional? Would you like to expose your business to over 1 thousand runners in Melbourne?

New in 2019 we are offering a dedicated page to help our participants get ready for the event and we are inviting Fitness professionals an opportunity to advertise and engage with our participants.

Depending on the package you choose below will be able to showcase your business and the programs you are running for athletes.

Logo and Name: Your Logo and business name will be displayed
Description: A description of your business and services – up to 200 words
Website link: Your logo and a text link will automatically take people to your website.
Program Schedule: You can show your program schedule with days, times and prices as both an image and a downloadable pdf.
Contact Form: People can fill out a form that will come directly to you for enquiries.
e-marketing: We will send out a message from you to our database about the training schedule
Warm up on Day: Your business can run a 15 minute warm up prior to the event.
Showbag Item: Your business can supply 1 piece of advertising or voucher for participants showbag

WCB Run Warrandyte is targeted at the whole family and will provide you brand recognition opportunities through our growing database of participants, along with an established community network through the Warrandyte sporting clubs and other important charities.

Branding opportunities will also include:

  • Sponsorship acknowledgement in the events marketing campaign including the Run Warrandyte website, social media and promotional posters.
  • Opportunities for promotion at the event via anouncements, flyers, vouchers, banners or product samples.
  • Acknowledgement of participation at the event.
  • Be amongst the winners with banners at the finish line.

Who Will Attend?

The event is aimed at the following groups and is expected to attract upwards of 1000 participants, volunteers and spectators in 2019.

  • Families
  • Schools
  • Local community
  • The broad running community
  • Sporting teams
  • Neighbouring communities


Package prices start for as little as $100 – contact us: or call 0407 008 124 for more information or download the Fitness Partner Prospectus below